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  • Start of international investment program


    We are pleased to announce that today starts our investment offer, it's active not for only our partners, but also for everyone: novice investors and venerable professional investors on financial market investments.
          Now any of you can be our partner and earn up to 3850% within short period. Try all the benefits of our investment. After decision of starting this online platform we're trying to globalize such way of earning, make it more acceptable and popular around the world. In other words anyone who interested with online business and getting passive income can be involved. For sure to make this process in simple way for people all over the world we developed proposal for any country, not only for the United Kingdom where Golden Investments Group LTD is registered. Our business area is quite profitable and for getting the best result we make all preparations as well as to become an international company not only in one continent. More people involved more power we can do.
    In such business involved big money and you can also be the part of this through us. Don't need to be a trader with gold or specialist in investing because we will do all for you using investor funds. If you are on website seems you interested in online investment so next step is to register and start being a part of our team. After registration and investing you will see how profitable can be your money and getting financial freedom with us.
          Don't hesitate to contact USfor more information - we are open to you at any time and ready to respond in detail to all your questions. Follow our news and sign up for updates on social networks!

  • To all company customers


    We welcome all company customers and are pleased to inform you that first week of operation of our investment project is successfully over.
    According to the development plan, our technical support staff together with experts of finance department has run a complete diagnostics of company servers and system software.

    The results showed that the website is stable with all payment processors and has a high level of security for all participants in the investment program. The safety of our investors is one of the most important priorities of Golden Investments Group, when cooperating with the company, you can be absolutely sure about the safe and stable operation of your money, regardless of the term of deposit placement within the asset management program.

  • We welcome all customers of Golden Bank investment program!


    We welcome all customers of Golden Bank investment program!

    Almost a month has passed since the beginning of the work of our online platform and we have received an incredibly large number of thanks and recommendations for the improvement of our investment proposal. First of all, we are delighted that you are not only taking an active part in the role of investors, but also for sharing your opinion to which we are always ready to listen. Thus, most of recommendations concerned of adding the new plans with shorter period of investment.

    We have decided to upgrade a few plans with accruals after 3, 5 and 8 days. Now updated plans are already active for new deposits (existing investments in these plans will bring profits under previous conditions).

    Besides, we've added a new plan according to which you can get the total return up up to 135% (including your deposit and profit) on the next day. We hope that our decision will be greeted with joy. The minimum deposit amount still is same - $25.

    Golden Bank continues to work for you, we are ready to listen to any your wishes - contact us and share your opinions of how to make our project even more comfortable! Thank you for your cooperation and wish you a very happy Christmas and healthy New Year - holidays are just around the corner.